While the Official Rules outline the complete details of this promotion, your question may already be answered below.

What are the prizes for this promotion?
First Prize Pack: One (1) Nintendo Switch™ gaming system, a pair of Joy-Con™ Controller, one (1) video game, one (1) branded carrier case.

Offer: 100 Platinum My Nintendo Points, awarded via digital code. *This point code must be redeemed by 12/31/19.

See the Official Rules for complete details.
How many prizes could I win?
One (1) instant win game prize per person/per username.
How do I play the instant win game?
Follow the on-screen instructions on the game page to find out if you won.
How do I redeem My Nintendo Points?
If you or your child has won Platinum My Nintendo Points, you’ll receive an email with a 16-digit/character code. You can redeem this code on the My Nintendo website and receive 100 Platinum Points you can redeem to get some cool digital rewards.

Follow these steps to redeem your point code:
  1. Log in to with your Nintendo Account.
    (Don’t have an account? You can create one by selecting “Create account.”)
  2. Select “Redeem a point code” from the menu that can be accessed by clicking on the upper left-hand corner of the webpage.
  3. Enter the 16-digit point code when prompted and hit submit. A pop up will appear to let you know how many points you have received.
    1. Points will be automatically added to your points total (which you can see in the top-right corner of the screen).
This My Nintendo Point Code can only be redeemed for Platinum Points once and must be redeemed by 12/31/2019. A Nintendo Account is required to redeem the point code and receive points. By creating a Nintendo Account, the user is automatically enrolled in the My Nintendo rewards program. Platinum Points expire if not used within 6 months of receipt. Point Codes have no cash value.

My Nintendo Rewards Programs Terms of Services apply:

My Nintendo is a trademark of Nintendo. © 2018 Nintendo.
I won the instant win game, but never received an email with more details. What should I do?
To make sure you get emails, add to your address book. Fill out the form below to let us know you didn’t receive your win email.
How will I know if my child has won a prize?
The winner will be notified via the contact information provided upon registration – which means you’ll get an email if your child has won a First Prize Pack. Once the winner is confirmed and prizes are fulfilled, an official win list will be posted.

A direct link to this list can be found in the Official Rules.
I got a message that I've already entered today, but I haven't. What should I do?
Make sure you are visiting directly rather than a bookmarked page in your browser. Also, please try to clear cookies and cache on your internet browser.
I think I’m having technical issues. What should I do?
Sometimes it's a simple thing like updating your browser. Check to be sure that you have a modern version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Also, you may want to check your browser preferences section to be sure JavaScript is enabled. Clearing your cache and cookies also helps in this instance.
I’m having trouble entering a code. What should I do?
Make sure you are entering the code exactly as shown. In most cases, this means you would not include spaces and use all lower case letters where applicable.
I have recently moved or updated my email address. Can I change my registration information for this promotion?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but due to the number of entries we receive, we are unable to change registration information. If you do win a prize during the promotional period and your contact information does change, contact and provide your updated information.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request.
Why can’t I use my P.O. Box address on the address update form?
Your home address allows us to identify your residence for eligibility purposes.
What is COPPA?
COPPA is an acronym for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act which is a federal law regulating how the personal information of children under the age of 13 can be gathered and used on the Internet.
Is your promotion COPPA compliant?
Yes, Lunchables Super Mario Party Giveaway is COPPA compliant. While this promotion is designed to be fun, we at Lunchables and Kraft take COPPA and your child’s privacy very seriously.
Is Lunchables collecting personally identifiable information about my child in accordance with COPPA guidelines?
As part of the Lunchables Super Mario Party Giveaway, Kraft is collecting a username, password, and parent/guardian email address, solely to allow the fulfillment of prizes should your child win. This is being done in full compliance with COPPA guidelines. As a result, if your child is under the age of 13 and has registered for the Lunchables Super Mario Party Giveaway, you will receive an email from us letting you know. We will also provide you with the opportunity to opt your child out of the promotion. Regardless of whether or not you choose to opt out your child from the promotion, no information about children under 13 will be used for any purpose other than fulfilling promotion prizes. All information about children under 13 will be destroyed immediately upon conclusion of the promotion.
My child is under the age of 13. How do I opt them out of the promotion?
As part of the registration process, your child is required to provide your email address in addition to their own. You should have received an email from us when your child registered for the Lunchables Super Mario Party Giveaway containing information about opting your child out of the promotion and providing a link to do so.

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